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AutoCalc Computations Systems

IVE Product No. 118b (Spreadsheet CD)
ISBN 1-883992-27-3: $79 (Spreadsheet CD-ROM)

AutoCalc Automated Equation Solver - Excel Spreadsheet Programs

Product 118b Contents. Includes spreadsheet programs on a CD to solve equations found in the Useful Equations workbook (plus other IVE workbooks). You can purchase the Spreadsheet product and the Useful Equations workbook together and take a $20 discount on the Order Form ($79+$79-$20 = $138 for both. Show the discount on your Order Form.) (See IVE Product No. 122 for more information on the UEq Workbook.)

What it is. Traditional equations used in ventilation, industrial hygiene, safety, and environmental sciences have been programmed onto Excel spreadsheets. This makes your work easier, you don't have to remember the formulas, and the spreadsheets make no mistakes.

Product 118b Spreadsheets Programs. The spreadsheets are easy to use. Simply insert the known data and the Spreadsheets provide the answers. Derivations and detailed explanations of formulas and methods are found in the IVE workbook: Useful Equations (UEq). (Also useful: the IAQ and HVAC Workbook (IAQW) and the Industrial Ventilation Workbook (IVW). Note: Spreadsheets provide both US and SI solutions.

Language. English. ::::: Note: For the older TI-83+ calculator-based VentCalc system, contact us.