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Six workbooks and the EIH series of DL courses are published and distributed by AIHA. See *. Some books are also available from ASHRAE, ASSE, SKC, Cole-Palmer and others

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Prod. Title
101 Laboratory Ventilation Guidebook*
102 IAQ and HVAC Workbook*
103 Engineering Control Monograph
104 Industrial Hygiene Workbook*: The Occupational Health Sciences . . . . [Spanish Version also available]
105 Semiconductor Exhaust Ventilation Guidebook, Note Price: $69
106 Industrial Ventilation Workbook* [French Version also available]
107 Hemeon's Plant and Process Ventilation
108 CD-ROM Compilation of All Burton Books -- $199 NEW LOW PRICE! Order only from IVE  (Note: Thumbdrive in place of CD also available.)
109 Industrial Hygiene Workbook for Safety Professionals
119 Industrial Ventilation Manual--ACGIH
122 Useful Equations for OH&S Professionals*
123 Companion Study Guide to the ACGIH IV Manual
124 Case Studies: Sixty Practical Applications of IH Control Principles*
127 Burton Field Guide for IH*