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IVE Product No. 124

Case Studies: Sixty Practical Applications of IH Control Principles

This comprehensive workbook contains useful case studies derived from the 30-year career of D. Jeff Burton. It includes a diverse mix of IH problems, how they were recognized and evaluated, and how they were successfully controlled.

The text is set in a "detective story" style so the reader is encouraged to think about how to proceed: What is the problem? What is the likely cause or source? What information should be gathered next? What analytical techniques should be used? What controls might be applied? Which are the most cost-effective controls? Where do we go from here? Detailed answers to all questions are provided in each case study.

A home study course based on the book, EIH III, is also available from AIHA. Ask for EIH III.

Contact D. Jeff Burton for more information on this book.

Now published by AIHA, about 350 pages; spiral bound to lay flat; 2017. Order from AIHA. See or call 703-849-8888.


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