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IVE Product No. 101

Laboratory Ventilation Guidebook, 2nd Edition
by D. Jeff Burton

The LV Guidebook clearly describes typical lab hood exhaust systems and associated HVAC systems (written so it can be understood). Other topics include: testing methods and procedures; hood approval methods (ASHRAE, EPA, and others); discussion of the revision of ANSI Z9.5 standard on laboratory ventilation; explanation of NFPA 45 and other applicable standards; good work practices; performance factors and their application; model lab ventilation programs; use of real-time monitors; VAV systems; general information on air handling, dilution, and exhaust systems.

The LV Guidebook also provides numerous charts, forms, checklists, additional sources of information, a glossary, and an index.

Published by AHIA, about 250 pages; spiral bound to lay flat; 2017. Order from AIHA. See or call 703-849-8888.


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